Ammonia is produced from air and purchased natural gas. Nitrogen is obtained from air, while hydrogen is produced using the thermal decomposition of natural gas.

Active substance: ammonia

Chemical formula: NH3


It is the raw material of numerous organic and inorganic compounds in industry. It can be used as a refrigerant in refrigerators.
In agriculture, it can be used as a fertiliser applied directly into the soil, mostly in pre-sowing applications but also for the inter-row fertilisation of e.g. maize. Efficiently controls germinating weed seeds and soil pests, hence it can be used as an eco-friendly component in organic farming.


In line with ADR/RID regulations and according to the safety data sheet.

Special safety conditions must be fulfilled for the handling and distribution of liquefied ammonia.
Ammonia is distributed in liquefied state and anhydrous form.
It is transported in pressure-resistant rail tankers, pressure-resistant containers and steel cylinders.


Protected from direct heat and sunlight, it is stored in pressure-resistant containers or at almost atmospheric pressure in a cooled state.