Our clients

Chemical products trade

vegyiAs the only nitrogen fertiliser producer in Hungary, Nitrogénművek Zrt. has been at the service of agriculture for more than 80 years; its core activity is fertiliser production but, for technological reasons, its products manufactured as its own raw materials or generated as by-products are widely used by the industry as well. The main products, which include ammonia, nitric acid, sal ammoniac, argon, nitrogen and urea without surface treatment, are sold by the Chemical Products Trade Unit. Due to the many possible uses of these products, our partners include Hungary’s major chemical companies, food and pharmaceutical enterprises and multinational corporations involved in the trade of industrial gases and chemical products, as well as many domestic private entrepreneurs; we are also keen to build our foreign trade relations.


Genezis Partner Network - fertilisers, seeds, pesticides

genezisEstablished in August 2009, the Genezis Partner Network operates as a countrywide advisory and direct sales network, with several sales representatives for every county. Our primary goal is to serve domestic agricultural end users at the highest possible standards, which is guaranteed by our excellent team of professionals, several decades of professional experience, an extensive business network and high product quality. The most important task of the organisation is to recommend the appropriate type of fertiliser, tailored to the customer, farmer and land, at the right price range, always keeping in mind the aspect of sustainable development (nitrogen and complex NPK fertilisers, solid and liquid basal and top fertilisers, as well as irrigation and foliar fertilisers), seeds and pesticides.


Crop trade

termenyHungary is one of the largest producers of cereals and oilseeds in the European Union. Depending on the actual year, the total output amounts to 15-18 million tonnes, of which 9-9.5 million tonnes are used by Hungary and the rest is exported. The volume of annual crop trade amounts to 12-14 million tonnes in Hungary. We have been present in this market for 5 years and our objective is to increase this presence.

The company’s sales representatives cover, through our partners, Hungary’s entire potential crop output, while our associates at the Budapest office have decades of experience in trade, logistics and finances, contributing to our substantial and successful trade operations, not only in Hungary but also in the neighbouring countries.



logisztikaGenezis-Trans Kft., a member of the Bige Holding Group, operates a fleet of 164 vehicle combinations. The main task is to deliver various types of packaged, bulk and liquid fertilisers all over Hungary. The domestic transport unit has ADR-certified Schwarzmüller tautliner and side-tipper vehicle combinations and tanker trailers. The export transport unit works with Wielton rear-tippers, Schwarzmüller side-tippers and normal tautliner vehicle combinations.

Apart from road transport, our export deliveries in bulk and in different packing sizes are made with the use of chartered freight trains and, in the case of countries located along river Danube, on water in accordance with actual market requirements.


Export markets

exportMeeting the agricultural needs of the region is a priority in the strategy of Nitrogénművek Zrt., thus playing an outstanding role in the sustainable development of agriculture in Europe. Both domestic and export sales have a share of some 50% within the company’s total sales. The company has placed its foreign market presence on new quality foundations, reaching customers via its fully owned subsidiaries and representative offices established and run in the actual markets. It is very important to keep and extend traditional export markets, by serving customers from the neighbouring countries. Thanks to is optimal geographical location, the company plays an increasingly influential role in the region’s fertiliser trade, despite increases in transportation costs. The main export markets include neighbouring Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Austria, as well as other remote areas and countries such as Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy and Bulgaria.


Natural gas trade

foldgazNitrogénművek Zrt. is one of the largest consumers of industrial gas in Hungary. In the past decade, our company has gradually built up its presence in the domestic and major foreign wholesale gas trade markets. As a result, Nitrogénművek Zrt. has become a contractual partner to the most important gas market players in Europe and an active member of the major European gas commodity markets; in addition, it has direct access to gas transmission systems and storage facilities in order to provide cost-efficient gas transport. Thanks to its direct presence in the gas market, our company has a diversified, cost-effective and flexible procurement structure, which represents a major strategic component for our competitiveness in the long run.

Relying on its established market presence and experience, our company has already become an active player in the wholesale gas trade markets. Our goal is to develop the activities of gas procurement and trading continuously in order to benefit from the available synergies and market opportunities. Furthermore, our goal is to promote the development of the region’s gas markets through our active trading operations and to contribute to the formation of cost-effective, safe and sustainable gas supply systems. We believe that our trading activity and approach is of key importance for adapting effectively to constantly changing market conditions.