Since 2014 the Company has completed several extensive investment projects to expand capacity and increase efficiency to satisfy high market demand in the medium and long-term. The integrated nitrogen-based production footprint supports the Company's continuous growth, development and the achievement of its specific objectives, missions and long-term visions.

Founded in 1931, the Company is the sole producer of nitrogen-based fertilisers in Hungary and one of the largest in Central Europe. Nitrogen-based fertilisers are the most used type of fertiliser in the world for achieving high-yield crops. Their essential component, nitrogen, is vital for plant growth and development.


  • Headquartered in Pétfürdő, Hungary
  • Regional leader with limited competition in a market with significant barriers to entry
  • “Pétisó” brand name, established in 1932, synonymous with CAN fertilisers
  • State-of-the-art production facilities with substantial investments in recent years
  • Production flexibility in downstream products
  • Offers a broad range of agricultural inputs (fertilisers, seeds, crops, pesticides) through its “Genezis” partnership network
  • Strong distribution network and downstream presence
  • Geographical diversification via exports
  •  One of the lowest-cost CAN producers in Central and Eastern Europe
  • From 2019, low maintenance capex and high free cash flow conversion
  • Experienced management team with a supportive shareholder base
  • Positive macroeconomic drivers support long-term fertiliser demand

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