Chemical formula of the carrier compounds : CO-(NH2)2, urea ( 97m/m %)

A paraphenol sulfonic acid based chelater

Active ingredients : amide nitrogen, potassium and trace elements (micro elements)

According to EC fertilizer requirements
45% nitrogen (N), B (boron), Cu (copper), Fe (iron), Mn (manganese), Mo (molybdene), Zn (zinc)


Mikramid is easily absorbed through the leaves of the plant, therefore, it can be used for either soil fertilization, top dressing or leaf fertilization as a source of nitrogen and micro element nutrient.

It can be mixed with other nutrients, fertilizers or plant protective agents, thus, its spreading does not need any additional work operation.
It is quickly solved by water, without residues.
Mikramid in solution form can be mixed with almost every plant protective agent or fertilizer without any degradation. Test mixing may be used to identify any antagonist component.


  • in 2 and 50 kg polyethylene bags.


  • it can be stored without caking and degradation in the original packing.

The advantages of its use:

  • the amide bound nitrogen is easily absorbed through the roots or leaves of the plants and is integrated in the amino-acids having an important role in growing;
  • the trace elements speed up chlorophyll formation;
  • it can be used for any type of soils;
  • it is a fertilizer perfectly soluble in water;
  • it does not burn the leaves;
  • it can be spread together with plant protective agents in one run;
  • it increases the stress resistance of the plants (it is especially recommended in case of draught and when plant protective agents are applied).

Recommended use as leaf fertilizer

6 to 12 kg of aqueous Mikramid solution is sufficient for one spreading over an area of one hectare, solved in minimum 200 L of water. The treatment should be repeated during the vegetation period, together with using herbicides and plant protective treatments. Best result can be expected in case of 3 to 6 treatments.

Recommended use as soil or top dressing fertilizer
100 to 200 kg of Mikramid is recommended for one hectare, with normal spreading, together with spreading nitrogen fertilizers.

Recommended concentrations potato and cabbage 0,8 - 1,6 %
(for information only) cucumber 0,3 - 0,4 %
celery 0,8 - 1,0 %
tomato 0,4 - 0,6 %
grape and fruits 0,6 - 1,0 %