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Nitrogen is an inert gas from the atmosphere.


Liquefied nitrogen is used by food industry as inert gas, and as a coolant in cooling tunnels and quick freeze systems.
It is excellent for oxygen displacement, purging, as propellant gas in extinguishers, or as pressurizing gas for natural gas drillings.
Electronic industry employs it as protective gas, otherwise, it is used for emptying and purging railway cars or transport vehicles used for transportation of hazardous material, as well as for pressure tests. Its gaseous form is used to nitride surfaces or to cover surfaces with inert gas, it can be used both as protective and as welding gas.

  • For large scale users: special cryogen transport vehicles at 2 to 6 bar
  • For small scale users: in 10 to 40 L steel cylinders at 150 bar.
As a high pressure and/or cryogen gas it is considered as a hazardous substance:
UN No. 1066, nitrogen, compressed
UN No. 1977, nitrogen, cryogen, liquefied
The Company undertakes to install a cryogen tank in a size requested by the user, under a leasing contract.


Please return the cylinders at 2 or 3 barG for the sake of maintaining high grade purity. Transport according to ADR requirements.