Argon Print
Friday, 01 October 2010 00:00

A noble gas from the atmosphere.

Products with various purity are made for the various application purposes; gas with a purity degree of 99.995% meets the highest quality requirements.
The largest user of argon gas is welding industry. It can be used as inert gas in metallurgy of fer­rous metals and as a welding gas for aluminum and stainless steel.
It has a version mixed with carbon dioxide according to the technological needs (in cylinders).
As a high pressure and/or cryogen gas it is considered as a hazardous substance:
UN No. 1006, argon, compressed
UN No. 1951, argon, cryogen, liquefied

Packing and transport
For large scale users: special cryogen transport vehicles at 2 to 6 bar (liquefied).
For small scale users: in 10 to 40 L steel cylinders at 150 bar.
Transport according to ADR requirements.
Please return the cylinders at 2 or 3 barG for the sake of maintaining high grade purity.