Nitric acid Print

Nitric Acid is produced by oxidizing ammonia. The conversion process of ammonia uses the oxygen in the atmosphere.

Active ingredient: nitric acid

UN No. 2031

Hazard Class: ADR/RID Class 8(5.1), or 8

Chemical formula: HNO3

Other properties
Caustic liquid, strong oxidizer, harmful to living organism, destroy the skin, its fumes and decomposition products attack the respiratory tracts.


It is one of the most important products of chemical heavy industry. It can be used for pro­ducing fertilizers, inorganic nitrates, nitrated organic derivatives, lacquers, artificial leather, explosives. It is an important laboratory reagent, oxidant, an etching agent for graphic industry to etch printing plates, and a sol­vent and separation agent for metallurgy.

Dilute nitric acid is transported in tanks made of stainless steel and in containers made of polyethylene or polypropylene, and the concentrated nitric acid is transported by railway tankers made of special high purity aluminum, or by the Company's own road tankers made of stainless steel of special composition.

Store it in a cool and ventilated place, protected from heat and direct sunshine. Keep it separated from combustibles, reducing agents and strong bases.