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Ammonia is produced from air and the purchased natural gas. Nitrogen is gained from the air and hydrogen by the thermal reformation of natural gas.

Active ingredient: ammonia

UN No. 1005

Hazard Class:
ADR/RID Class 2,3(8).

Chemical formula: NH3

It is the base material for many organic and inorganic compounds in the industry. It can be used as coolant in refrigerators.
It can be used for fertilization, applied directly in the soil, especially before sowing, but it can also be used for interrow fertilization in case of maize for example. It can be a tool of environment-friendly organic farming by utilizing its favorable effect on germinating weed seeds and soil resident pests.

Treatment and distribution of liquid ammonia need the compliance with special safety requirements.
Ammonia is traded as anhydrous ammonia, in liquefied state.
It is transported in pressurized railway tankers, pressure tanks and steel cylinders.


It can be stored in pressure tanks protected against heat and sunshine, or at pressures near to barometric, cooled.