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Subsidiaries and interests
Nádudvar Agrochemical Ltd. PDF Print

The main task of Nádudvar Agrochemical Kft. is the production and marketing of liquid fertilizers, the two principal products being Nitrosol-30 and NPK fertilizer suspension. As a member of the brand trader community, an important task is the sale of solid fertilizer products of Pétfürdő as well. While meeting its own needs, it also sells auxiliary materials required for the production of suspension. Adapting itself to market needs, the company started in 2007 experiments where, in addition to providing nutrients, it examines the effect of combining liquid fertilizers with different pesticides.

Pét Polyethylene Bags Ltd. PDF Print

The Pét Polyethylene Bags Ltd. was founded in 1994 by Nitrogénművek Rt.  Before this it was only a plant at the company from the year of 1973. The profile was in nowdays: és gyártott polietilén fóliát, tömlőt, talpas és talpas-szelepes zsákokat az igényeknek megfelelően.

Pét Nitrokomplex Ltd. PDF Print

The task of the company is to produce and market special fertilizer products form previous development efforts.

A portion of the products can be used primarily in foliar application of fertilizers, in order to prevent and cure microelement deficiency diseases occurring in plant, but they also include compositions applicable in production technologies based on nutrient solutions, in the field of intensive cultivation methods for vegetables, fruits and decoration plants and for top-dressing.


Bige Holding Kft. PDF Print
The firm Tiszamenti Vegyiművek Rt. was established in 1951 by the state. The target was to establish the inorganic chemical centre of the Great Plain.

The investment was started by building of a sulphuric acid plant. It was followed by the fertiliser factory, the inorganic pigment plant, the washing powder plant, the cryolite plant and last but not least the phosphoric acid and sodium tripolyphosphate plant.
Foreign subsidiaries PDF Print

To strenghten the company's presence on the foreign markets the Nitrogénművek establishes own companies on the main export markets to satisfy better the local consumer needs.



Nitrogénművek Co., Ltd.
Address: 8105 Pétfürdő, 14 Hősök sqr. PO Box 450.
+36 88/620-100
Fax: +36 88/620-102

Office in Budapest:
1123 Budapest,  53. Alkotás str.  Tower "F" 3rd floor

Phone: +36 1/999-3500