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The 80 years of Nitrogénművek PDF Print

Nitrogénművek Zrt. [Nitrogen Works Co. Ltd.] celebrates 80 years of existence this year. This pioneering enterprise of Hungarian heavy industry was established one generation ago at Pétfürdő. The company – as it is presently called: Nitrogénművek Zrt. – is today a determining factor and strategic role player of the national economy.

A modern chemical plant was built on the basis of the lignite mine in Várpalota, the dolomite fields near Pétfürdő, and the spring water from the Pét stream. The plant began to produce inorganic chemicals and nitrogen-based fertilizers in 1932.

The company has developed over the past 80 years as a result of many technological upgrades and investments in newer plants. It weathered the devastation of the Second World War, the occasional poorly conceived efforts to improve production, and the economic difficulties that accompanied the change of regime.


During the past eight decades many companies were founded and shut down in both Hungary and the neighboring countries. Nitrogénművek, however, has remained one of the major players in the Hungarian chemical industry. The company has provided a livelihood for several generations over the past 80 years in Pétfürdő and the surrounding area.

1931-1945. The beginnings PDF Print

1931. two factories were established at Pétfürdő, one for ammonium production (Hungarian Ammonia Factory)  and one for nitrogen-based chemical fertilizers (Nitrogen Fertilizer Factory of Pét. Founders: Salgó Rt, Unió Rt, Hungarian Commercial Bank, Treasury of Defence (Honvédelmi Kincstár).

1933. with the merger of the two factories Péti Nitrogén Műtrágyagyár was set up
1945-1989: Huge developments PDF Print

The 60's: in the framework of a HUF 2.5 billion development programme, a new plant for ammonia synthesis, an acid plant, a urea plant were built, and the production of high purity argon was launched. Central and research laboratories started their operations.

1967: from lignite, serving as basic material for the production, a shift was made to natural gas and, to widen the product range, the production of dual fertilizers, containing both nitrogen and phosphor, was started.

1989-2002: Successful transition PDF Print

At the end of the 80's the consequence of the collapse of socialist economy was the privatisation of Nitrogénművek.

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