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Since Hungary's joining to the European Union the fertilizer products have European market, subscribed prices, demand and supply. Due to the nature of the products the Hungarian market is also entirely transparent, the manufacturers do not apply local strategies, the transactions are public and can be verified with international subscriptions.

Nitrogénművek Zrt is the only nitrogen-based fertilizer manufacturer in Hungary. The main sales priority of the company is to meet domestic market demand. The market share of Nitrogénművek is about 55-60% on the hungarian fertilizer market.

The company's foreign sales are mainly directed to the neighbouring and EC countries. Nitrogénművek aimed at keeping and strengthening their conventional clients, finding new partners as well. In order to reach and serve customers in a more efficient and intensive way the company operates subsidiaries in Serbia, Slovakia and Romania. Nowadays Poland has become one of the most important export markets of the company.

Due to the investments and developments, changes in the company's structure and the reorganization of the human resources, the company has reached significant performance improvements in the recent years.

In the interest of better service provision for the end users and the renewal of the sales activity Nitrogénművek has established its directs saels network called Genezis Partner Network. This organization recommends the wide range of Genezis fertilizers with excellent quality.

The objective of Nitrogénművek Zrt. and the Bige Holding Group is to specify their sales strategy to the satisfaction of their end-users also in future. The aim of the company to keep setting competitive sales prices compared to the import prices, together with further developments in the services jointly ensuring the market presence of the company's products.



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