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The Fertilizers Europe (formerly European Fertilizer Manufacturers' Association) has launched a Product Stewardship program which  is defined as "the management of the safety, health and environmental aspects of a product throughout its lifecycle in an ethically responsible way".

For the fertilizer industry, Product Stewardship is ensuring that fertilizers and their raw materials, additives and intermediate products are processed and manufactured, handled, stored, distributed and used in a safe way with regard to health, occupational and public safety, environment, and security.

FE members are committed to implement the Product Stewardship Program and to comply with the FE Industry standards.

The reasons for the launch of the Product Stewardship program are the followings:

  • Taking responsibility for the product through the value chain from raw materials to end use.
  • Meeting the public demands for openness and communication.
  • Sharing experiences and knowledge.
  • Providing a good structure for setting up Product Stewardship on company level.

The members of FE subscribe and have embedded the Responsible Care philosophy in their organizations and have initiated several activities on Company level as well jointly in Fertilizers Europe that go beyond what is just necessary to fulfill legal requirements.

The members are committed to fully respect, actively promote, continuously improve, and act in accordance with FE's core values in all activities.




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