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As the member of the Fertilizer Europea (formerly European Fertilizer Manufacturers' Association)  Nitrogénművek Zrt. continuously strive to improve the Health, Safety and Environmental aspects associated with the production, storage, distribution and use of fertilizers.
Our company is committed to fully respect, actively promote, continuously improve, and act in accordance with FE's core values in all activities.


 The FE's core values are the followings:

  • Responsibility as provider of a life essential product:
    As provider of a life essential product we recognize our responsibility towards all our stakeholders, customers, shareholders, employees, society at large and future generations. We are committed and act accordingly.
  • Sustainable delivery of value:
    We deliver optimum value to our customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees in a sustainable manner.
  • Sustainable performance in matters of health, safety and environment:
    We strive for the highest safety, health and environmental standards. Subscribing to the principles of Responsible Care, we conduct all our activities in a manner which contributes to the goal of sustainable development.
  • Science and innovation:
    We base our activities on sound science. We strive for innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Free and fair trade:
    We believe in, adhere to, protect and promote the concept of free and fair trade.
  • Ethical conduct:
    Our conduct is ethical and honest, open and transparent.





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