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Irrigation and leaf fertilizers
from the Pét Nitrokomplex Ltd.!

The Pétfürdő-based company offers the following products.

Fertilizers with microelements:

Mikromix product family

 - suitable for preventing the micro-element deficiency diseases of the crops and for the quick and effective cure of these diseases

- increase the quantity of produce and improve its quality

- with their use the resistance of plants to diseases increases

- provide more effective water utilization and increased drought-tolerance

- can be used in ecological farming as well

- can be mixed with other fertilizers and plant protection substances

Pétibór Extra

- modern, liquid chemical fertilizer with boron content, its active ingredient is 10% boron

- promotes flower fecundity and increases binding

- it sticks well to the foliage, and does not dry for a long time, which increases its effectiveness

- its cost effectiveness can be increased when jointly released with plant protection spraying

- the boron deficiency symptoms can be eliminated quickly in the vegetation period

- also suitable for use in ecological farming

- cannot be mixed with plant protection substances with non-organic copper content

Savastrene Fe

- for the prevention of iron deficiency diseases, and for the quick elimination of the already developed deficiency disease

- contains stable organic bound iron chelate

- its active ingredient in solid form is 6% iron, and 3% iron as a solution

- equally suitable for release through the foliage or the soil

- due to the unique chelate form it remains stable and effective for a long time even among extreme pH domains

- is suitable for use in ecological farming

- can be mixed with other chemical fertilizers and plant protection substances


Fertilizers with micro-, mezo- and macroelements:

Calcium product family

- chloride-free, quick-acting, soil and foliar fertilizers with magnesium and calcium content

- for the quick and effective elimination of lime-deficiency diseases

- it helps establish the growing plants’ and yields’ optimal calcium level, especially in the case of plants continuously forming their yield

- we recommend the use of Kalcinol and Kalcidol products cultivated under covers and in open-air vegetable cultures (pepper, tomato, cucumber etc.), in fruit orchards and in the case of cereals


 - complex, chloride-free foliar fertilizers with micro-element content (iron, copper, zinc, manganese, boron, molybdenum)

- modern foliar fertilizers developed for plant cultures their composition is tailor made to the nutritional requirements of the given plants

- ensure quick nutritive substance replenishment in the period of intensive growth, blooming, binding, and intensive yield growth

- members of hobby nutriment solution family: annuals, geranium, evergreens, indoor plants, general, vegetable, lawn, citrus fruits, rose, orchid

- Genezis-Pétisol Nitrogen-rich (18:9:12 + micro elements), Genezis-Pétisol Phosphorus and Potassium-rich (9:14:18 + micro elements), Genezis-Pétisol Potassium-rich  (8:16:12 + micro elements)

- can be produced in unique composition on sufficient quantity demand

Péti mix komplex plusz product family

- perfectly water-soluble, chloride-free, solid, complex foliar and soil fertilizers

- contain all the nutritive substances required (macro, meso and micro elements) for the harmonious growth of plants

- all components are in a form which is rapidly absorbable by the plants

- their micro-element content (iron, copper, zinc, manganese, boron, molybdenum) are chelated and are utilized without loss

- suitable for vegetable, ornamental plant, fruit and grape cultivation and as a foliar fertilization supplement on plough-land

- Péti Mix Komplex Plusz chemical fertilizers: General 1 (14:7:21 + micro element), General 2 (14:7:21 + 2 MgO + microelement), Nitrogen rich (24:11:11 + 2 MgO + micro element) Potassium rich (8:16:23 + 2 MgO + micro element), Starter (15:30:15 + micro element)

- can be produced in unique composition on sufficient quantity demand


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