Nitrosol is a liquid nitrogen fertilizer, the aqueous solution of urea and ammonium nitrate.

Chemical formula: Ca(NO3)2

Active ingredients:

  • Total nitrogen 30%
  • Urea (NH2)2CO, amide nitrogen (N) 15%


UAN is an excellent top dressing, leaf and irrigation fertilizer for cereal production and irrigated plant cultivation.
It also can be used as basic fertilizer in autumn - sprayed before plowing. Uniform coverage and wetting the waxy parts of the plant enhance the degradation and humification processes of stem residues. Similarly, it increases the efficiency of reclamation liming. As a synergetic effect, the organic material and calcium magnesium increase the utilization grade of nitrogen.
The preparation can also be used as nitrogen carrier for making suspension fertilizer or multicomponent liquid fertilizer.

Its advantage is that it contains both fast (nitrate nitrogen) and slow (ammonium nitrogen, amide nitrogen) components, just as it was detailed for Ammonium Nitrate and Urea.
Its version with calcium magnesium nitrate is traded under the name of Nitrosol-Ca, which is advantageous rather as top dressing, leaf and irrigation fertilizer, while Nitrosol as basic fertilizer.

For large scale users: it can be transported on road or on rail in the containers of the customer or in rented containers.

Tanks with suitable construction material of stainless steel or plastic, or other material with plastic or rubber lining are the most suitable for transport.
Carbon steel is slightly attacked by Nitrosol depending on the temperature and the time of contact, therefore, carbon steel tanks may be used for temporary storage only and they shall be flushed when emptied. The use of anti-corrosive inhibitors is efficient only when frequent agitation is provided.

It can be applied either by land or air spreading for cereal cultivation, together with the plant protective agents, and it can be mixed in the irrigation water for irrigated plant cultivation.
It shall be applied in the vegetation period for the irrigated plant cultivation, and at the beginning of the vegetation period and after mowing (at shooting) for lawns and pastures. Water can be added to small doses to get the required quantity.

The advantages of the liquid form

Smaller fertilizer doses can be spread exactly and uniformly. Meso and micro elements can easily be added, it is well mixable, that is, the small quantity can be perfectly distributed in the whole amount.

Recommended fertilization dosages cereals, in autumn 30-100 liter/ ha
(for information only) cereals, in spring 50-200 liter/ ha
lawn, pasture 20-200 liter/ ha
hay/stem decomposition 50-100 liter/ ha
reclamation liming 50-100 liter/ ha


The parameters are guaranteed, quality control according to MSZ 7238-1988.