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SUSTAINABILITY Environmental protection
Environmental protection
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IN accordance with our environmental policy - aiming to keep emission of pollutants under the permissible limits entirely - the ammount of pollutants emitted has not reached the limits since 1997.

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The waste management of Nitrogénművek Zrt. is characterized by the selective collection of and the high degree of recycling both hazardous and other wastes.
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Coming from the operations of the Company the major contaminants are ammonium ions from ammonia and nitrate . We are able to comply with the current requirements we have not been obliged to pay any fine since 1997.

A study in 1999 analyzed the impacts from the industrial facilities in the region on the quality of the karstic water in the framework of a national program: Condition Survey, and Security Measures for Water Supplies of Várpalota. It stated that the quality of drinking water wells supplying Pétfürdő is not endangered by the operation of Nitrogénművek Zrt.

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Nitrogénművek Zrt.'s previously decided technological modernization program entered on its construction phase in 2006. The objective of the program is to replace individual old production units, which are at the end of their useful life, by up-to-date new technologies. In frame of this program it was built a new Acid Plant and a Granulation Plant.
Due to the modern technology the level of emission of pollutants of the Acid Plant is under the permissible limits.The Granulation Plant uses a new granulating technology of production which causes lower dust emission than in the past.



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